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The base products

From previously selected and inspected carcasses we obtain two base products: complete front ends and rear ends of beef.

The deboned and finished front ends of beef are free of large nerves and have a maximum fat content of 5%. In this product we apply an antibiotic control system developed after six years of laboratory tests and fermentation controls.

This meat is primarily destined to the production of sausages, hamburgers, pre-cooked dishes and baby food.

Our market
A part from the front ends of beef, a very homogenous product oriented primarily towards producers in the foodstuffs sector, we also work with rear ends of beef.

The deboned pieces of rear end of beef are primarily destined to respond to the real market demand of the meat distributors and wholesalers.

The pieces which make up our catalogue of products are especially designed to satisfy the requirement for maximum control of sectors as demanding as the restaurant, hotel and collectives trades.

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