A passion for quality

A passion for quality

The quality control of our goods has always been our greatest priority, and has guided us in defining our manner of working in order to achieve the acknowledgement of the market.

We work with a quality protocol which requires no less than 24 differentiated control procedures, 36 quality registers and one inspector for each of the actions to be carried out.

We have mechanisms to enable us to pinpoint the traceability of the product, that is, the path followed from the live animal to the end product which leaves the factory. The basic premise for achieving all of this is a passion for quality.

Working with precision

Control and precision in the production process have been a constant factor in these more than 35 years of operation of the company. An advanced laboratory, rigorous microbiological control of the meat, the surfaces, the atmosphere, the pH and the antibiotics were the first goals.

Now, in addition, the company has a highly sophisticated cleaning process, with a new quartering line which, by means of an ultraviolet system, allows the microbial load to be reduced.

The firm has specialised staff who receive constant training in order to achieve the optimum degree of efficiency in the processes of boning, cutting and finishing of the pieces of meat.

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